Weird Dream I Had

Back from the furthest point I can remember, some friends and I were drinking beers on the street. I remember saying “I don’t want to get arrested tonight, but fuck it.” Some guy shows up and starts talking The police showed up. First reaction was to book it. I ran. The other guy ran. I ran as fast as I could. Eventually I found a place where I could hide. He hid in the same place but adjacent from where I was. He got spotted and taken by the police. I waited there until the cops were gone and I slowly looked around as to where I was. I start trying to take a weird way home and tried to keep off the main roads. Eventually I found this place that looked like an enormous rice field except there were flowers everywhere and where there would be rice was just water. I pulled out my phone and tried to GPS my way back home. It involved a lot of back tracking, but I eventually made it.

Another dream I had was that my friends and I from back home in NY were all in the same house and we were all playing a game. The game would physically bring us in when we started playing it and the only thing I remember is crawling into a broken shed to hide from a monster. I was the only one that hid in the shadows so they couldn’t see me. The other two were in the light and got taken away.

I’m never eating Popeyes before bed again.




Recent thoughts.

Let’s take a trip back in time. October 2015.

I broke up with my girlfriend that I had been with for the past one and a half years.

I did it because there wasn’t a spark. There wasn’t anything that was interesting to talk about. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t really sad either. I just wanted out, I guess.

A month later, I guess you could say that I’m feeling sad. I tried to download Tinder, found a girl I connected with pretty well, but it didn’t work out. I kept having thoughts about some girls back home, even some girls here.

Feelings? Regret, sadness, lack-of-motivation. I wouldn’t classify it as depression. I still want to do things and there are things that make me forget about everything for a while.

This empty feeling in my chest is all too familiar. It was there when my first girlfriend broke up with me and it’s recurred ever since.

Whenever I felt this way, I would always turn to video games. The controller was the only thing keeping me going at one point. I just needed to be comforted. I was never good at asking anyone for help, so the controller did just that.

To fall in love, you risk your sanity to feel better.

The zombie feeling comes back and you’re left in ruin yet again.

Being happy is never a given. Being happy is a gift, a joyous experience.

I guess what I’m saying is

All I want to be is happy.

-Austin Lee 11/24/2015 5:56 PM MST


This I Believe Revisited

Video Games have always been my pinnacle,

whether it be in a sandbox, or watching Goku and Piccolo.

Writing made me explore worlds that I had never imagined.

With this opportunity, I’ll turn all my dreams into passion.

Growing up, I followed in my sister’s footsteps

from playing video games to being interested in every subject.

The music was all the same saying “parent’s are wrong and that they don’t understand!”

while I grew up sooner and had to make myself into a man.

The robotics team was something that I always admired

but after Four years, after all the drama, I just got tired.

After Four years, I now knew what I really desired

I didn’t want to be an engineer because after four years, I wasn’t inspired.

If I told my parents that I wanted to be a game designer

they would surely be mad but this is my future, and it’s required.

In the near future, my parents will be retired.

Never fear, I know that I’ll make it through, so long as I’m up and I’m wired.

When I told my mother, she just said “Okay”.

I was shocked, and expected her to react like I had just made a foul play.

She said, and I’ll never forget it, “I expected you to because of how much you play”.

In one instance, I went from scared to “man, I don’t even know what to say”.

My dad told me “Confusious say Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

I tell myself that every day while I’m thinking of the future in my room eating rice.

I could never ask for anything more than their support.

Because I imagine that If I didn’t become a doctor, they would sell me up short.

Up up and away went the plane as I felt down.

I’ll admit it, I cried, but I wiped my tears off and stiffened that same frown.

Going into a place where I didn’t know anyone made me feel like I didn’t belong.

My people may come from Hong Kong, play ping pong, but just know that I’ll tough through it, I’m strong.

The time that I’ve had here has truly been one in a million

with Zach, Andrew, Justin, Juan, Lucas, Kenny, and Killian.

I’ve had a wonderful time here at UAT.

I’ll forever be grateful, and this I believe.

Equal Time for E-sports in High School

E-sports has made a monumental impact in the North American region within the last few years. E-sports has the word “sport” in it because it tests the player’s mental abilities rather than the player’s physical abilities. Some of the best players that play today started while they were in high school. Competing allows for a player to learn sportsmanship which carries meaningful qualities into adulthood. Just like physical sports, e-sports has coaches, practice times, scrimmages, and even potential scholarship money. E-sports should be recognized on the same level as physical sports because players of either are able to earn benefits in and beyond high school.


An Analysis of the North American League of Legends Championship Series

(For future reference, eSports can refer to the professional scene in any video game.)

In the professional scene of League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), family is rarely talked about. With interviews here and there, the League of Legends community learns about some of the past hardships of professional players. Family is something that you can be born into or find later on in life. Finding a life in eSports is difficult because the team mates either don’t get along, started to become homesick , didn’t fit in well with how the team played, or they have just been in the scene for too long and the player thinks that they’re holding the team back. In the 21st century, eSports has risen from Korean backgrounds and is starting to gain a large following. Team Fnatic has a monumental impact on the very face of eSports because of how many games their teams have stretched across with a whopping 1.8 million likes on Facebook. eSports is not only a career, but a place where you can find people to call your family.

Yilang Peng, a professional player for Counter-Logic Gaming who goes by the alias “DoubleLift”, thought that he had hit rock bottom, but the bottom of the pit kept getting deeper and deeper until karma swung back around. Ever since Peng was young, he had been fighting with his parents day in and day out. In the early days of League of Legends, DoubleLift joined a team called “Epik Gamer” and had been going to tournaments in secrecy. Like most parents, they would not accept or allow him to make a career out of gaming. As Peng grew older, the arguing had only escalated to a point where he ran away from home. After making a post on the popular website Reddit, a man by the name of Travis had a room mate that had recently moved out and allowed Peng to stay at his apartment as long as he payed rent. As the friendship blossomed, Travis helped Peng by driving him where he needed to be, helping him buy clothes and even as far as to help him set up a bank account. Shortly after moving in, DoubleLift played with a team by the name of “unRestricted” and eventually that team was picked up by an organization called “Curse Gaming”. Curse Gaming had a site called “LoLPro” which contained guides for specific characters in League of Legends made by professional League of Legends players. Making guides would allow players to receive money per guide that was created. Peng saw this as an opportunity and started to create as many guides as possible. After receiving the money for the guides, Peng said in his own words “I was able to pay rent that month”. Peng’s life was looking much brighter and decided to put off college for the mean time. In the second season of League of Legends, Counter-Logic Gaming picked Peng up as a ranged Attack Damage Carry (or ADC). From this point on, Peng has led a pretty steady life and has made a name for himself in the community. When on the team, DoubleLift was able to find a family for himself as well as a best friend to be right beside him in his lane while competing for the world cup.

Twenty years from now, the LCS will be identifiable as a product from the first decade of the 21st century because the end of the first decade was when eSports made a rise in North America. Social events caused around this would not only be viewing parties, but live viewings in enormous stadiums. In last season’s World Championships hosted in Korea, 40,000 people sold out Seoul’s World Cup Stadium as well as record breaking 11.2 million fans were watching on their stream to watch the two best teams in the world duke it out.

The main audience for League of Legends can range between males and females from the age of 14-30. Players can start at any age because League of Legends is a game where it doesn’t matter if you’re 14 or 41. Previous high school teachers used to host in-house matches and would play against the students. To appeal to the target audience, League of Legends has characters based around sex-appeal as well as strength. Back in 2008, Riot Games, the company that created League of Legends,  made an advertisement for their game (To be fair, this is the only legitimate advertisement I’ve seen for League of Legends, despite several CGI’s that tailor more to veterans rather than someone who does not know about League of Legends). In the ad, Riot Games is trying to appeal to DotA players (The game that League was essentially based off of) and anyone interested in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre.

The LCS is streamed online, but a Korean television channel called OnGameNet broadcasts eSports events other than the League of Legends.. The North American LCS is usually on streaming websites being streamed by Riot Games (Twitch, Azubu, Youtube). The program caters to the audience as the programs before it because all that streams on these “channels” is League of Legends. Besides only streaming League of Legends, Riot Games also streams the European LCS which some people prefer more than the North American LCS.

Those that narrate live games are called casters. Casters give insight to pre-game, during, and post game to the thousands of viewers watching them everyday. At the caster’s desk, three or four people look at the game from a strategic aspect and try to keep talking about what is happening in the game as well as related subjects to keep the flow going until the next exciting moment happens in the game.  With the casters, the stream is able to transition from one game to another almost seamlessly with little wait time. Since North America and Europe have different streams, they not only have different streams, but different casters. Those in different regions such as Brazil, China, and Korea also have casters for a multitude of languages which allow natives of one country to watch a completely different region in their own language.

Focusing on real life aspects of the stream,  the narrators have two different desks; the Analyst Desk and the Caster’s Desk. The Analyst Desk is stretched across a well-lit room that is able to space out the analysts so that the viewer is able to clearly see the analyst and not have the camera angle feel stuffed. In the background is the trophy to the World Championship of 2014, as well as the logo being displayed on the front of the desk. The color theme for that even was dark and blue which you can see by looking not only at the scene, but at what the analysts are wearing as well. The Caster’s Desk has more light shown on the caster’s as well as a reflective surface on the desk itself. The casters are also the same length apart as the Analysts on the screen which is something that not a lot of people realize. Having it this way makes it feel like the Analyst Desk in which they’re not squished together, but comfortable.

The music of the LCS raises the anticipation towards the beginning of the match. The background music while the players are selecting their characters is able to hype viewers for the oncoming match because it sounds like the beginning to an epic battle. After the match when the Analyst Desk runs out of things to say, they switch over to a slide which shows which teams have won and who is next in line. When on the specific slide, energetic music plays until a timer on the bottom reaches zero, indicating that the stream will resume.The members of Imagine Dragons were interviewed before the performance and said that they were fans of League of Legends and said that they played when “touring on the bus because we had WiFi“.During the World Championship of 2014, the popular band Imagine Dragons performed on the front stage a closing to the Championships after the Korean team Samsung White won.

Key characters in making the program a whole would be everyone who appears because a long time watcher of the LCS knows names of casters, players, champions, and more. From watching a plethora of hours of Youtube, the voices sound familiar. What makes the people of the LCS original is their personalities. One caster relentlessly makes puns, another caster is not afraid of speaking his mind about how much better Koreans are at League of Legends than any other countries, and one caster is not afraid of saying that “everyone else is trash” (in a jokingly way, of course). Riot Games chose these

Not only can eSports bring people together, it can also create family-like relationships that can last for a life time. Since I’ve been at college, I’ve met several friends through League of Legends and they’ve proven to be some of the best of friends. Sometimes I play with friends from back home just to catch up with how they’re doing. With the amount of friends I keep connected with, I’ve also met several other people over League of Legends that I’ve kept in contact for the past 3 years. Getting past all of the negative players, the community really does care about one another. I’ve seen a man propose to his now-wife on a live stream in 2014. League of Legends made me realize that I have my blood-family and my family of friends in League of Legends.

Groceries: A New Lens to an Old Store

Fry’s Food and Drug has a long running history of service since 1960 (Fry’s Supermarkets Founder Donald Fry Dies at 92, 2006). The store has been functioning for quite some time, but how has it been so successful for so long? On West Baseline Road in Tempe, Arizona, Fry’s Food and Drug rests in a plaza that brings a large amount of traffic in daily and serves the lower-middle class family looking for a good dinner tonight to the cheap  college student who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money and might spend $8 on 24 cups of ramen. From casual American food to exotic Asian food, this store offers a wide variety of choices that will satisfy the hungriest of appetites. Using those hungry appetites, Fry’s is able to use marketing techniques to get customers to buy specific products.


            Although Fry’s Food and Drug is categorized as a grocer, it also offers a selection of Deli meat as well as a florist. Once inside the store, the welcoming aroma of chicken guides my senses to the main display which features all sorts of snacks and pastries that groups of friends can eat away while watching the Super Bowl.


Behind the main display, a customer’s eyes are hit with a large background of pink as the early Valentine’s Day section has taken up. Around the Valentine’s Day section, the customer is then bombarded by a sea of yellow tickets, notifying them of sales for almost all of the products on the shelves and displays in the middle of the aisles The store welcomes me with a light entrance to proceed to the right, as do nine out of the eleven customers. “Americans tend to keep to the right when they stroll down shopping-mall concourses or city sidewalks” (Gladwell, 1996).


Staff at Fry’s were indicated by their black polo shirts with their signature “Fry’s Food and Drug” logo on the left side of their chest. Going through the store, I saw several sculptures of football players made out of the cardboard from beer packs. In preparation for the Super Bowl, displays, balloons, flags, and more were made in order for the public to know that the Super Bowl was, in fact, happening.

In Fry’s all of the advertising is done through signs, precise wording and fancy displays to get the customer to buy the product. “…the most fundamental difference between a traditional market and the places through which you push your cart is that in a modern retail setting, nearly all the selling is done without people” (Hine, n.d.). As customers go through the store, they see familiar brands as well as ones that are a bit more expensive than those at a lower shelf. One shopper observed during a trip to Fry’s was a middle-aged mother of two that could care less of what she wears to a grocer but would wear Gucci and Armani to social events with her friends. She ended up getting a Tuna, some Macaroni Shells as well as some Cream of Mushroom. It looks like someone is having Tuna casserole tonight. “…a women’s product that requires extensive examination should never be placed in a narrow aisle” (Gladwell). As I followed her further, she picked up a pack of tampons and I noticed that the lane was noticeably bigger than the other isles. Something that must have drawn her eye was that there was a big sign that said “Discover local” which would mean discovering local farmers that Fry’s gets their produce from.


            The experience at Fry’s was satisfying because observing how customers act and how customers interact with the products was interesting. How customers were touching and handling the product was something that I never realized happened in the subconscious of the customer. With the consideration of how much the staff works to successfully please the customer’s eye is astounding because everything has to look perfect, and it did. The atmosphere that Fry’s gives off is welcoming because of the smell that it gives off, knowing that smell definitely plays a large part in the entire shopping experience.


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How Can Making Fun Be So Stressful?

How Can Making Fun Be So Stressful?

Austin T. Lee

University of Advancing Technology

How can making something that will bring enjoyment to potential millions be such a stressful task for the individual making it? The intellectual freedom that is given to indie developers is infinite, but trying to create successful game as a team of one or two is a task meant for the strong-and-able-minded. Like large development companies, indie developers need to set a schedule with deadlines, otherwise the amount of money and potential progress to be made will decrease slowly. In larger companies, teams work solely on adding or subtracting story lines to connect major plot points together. Indie developers don’t have the kind of luxury to be able to hire story designers. It becomes the indie developer’s job to work on the story and weave details to their bidding. Sacrifices that indie developers have to make to be able to create their game are extreme to say the least. Game Developers may be able to make fun , but making the fun is a stressful task.

For Indie Developers, planning can be a part towards the future, but for others it can be a realization that they don’t have enough money to work on their project as a full time job. Intro statement,

“Procrastination is your biggest enemy when you are the one man army. Not only will it

prevent you from doing anything productive, but in time, it will make you feel useless, inducing bits of fear into your organism. If it ever happens to you, take my advice. Shake it off, stop thinking about it and start doing the first thing you see on your to-do list. You’ll feel much better after you make even a tiny bit of progress and it will keep you going further” (Grecki, 2012).

Grecki explains procrastination in the sense that it will, essentially, make developers feel useless because they are not doing anything productive. Deadlines help to eliminate procrastination as a whole. If a developer has a deadline that they made themselves, they will feel more obligated to complete their goals for a small part of the big project. Being able to make progress bit by bit seems much more manageable than looking at the project as a whole. Meeting deadlines for Indie Developers is similar to meeting deadlines for anything else. Phil Fish, one of the independent developers for FEZ, had to reschedule the release date for his game after getting a massive amount of publicity. Fish received comments and negative reactions to this and being able to create a schedule and follow it will help negate this problem. This adds onto stress even further and opens you up for personal attacks, says Fish (Indie Game: The Movie, 2012). Being able to set up deadlines will make content creation easier because progress will end up being made. Following deadlines will help to beat the monster that is procrastination.

Although being an indie developer means that the developer(s) are able to have intellectual freedom, the developer(s) also give up time, sleep, and social interactions. Tommy Refenes explained that “The things I’ve sacrificed are social. You kind of have to give up something to have something great” (Indie Game: The Movie, 2012). Sacrificing social interactions with friends is only the beginning of the worries that independent game developers have to deal with. As life progresses, friends come in and out. Going from being a normal person to an independent game designer is a change so drastic, that most beginners might be scared away at just how almost every aspect of life is flipped upside-down. As seen in Indie Game: The Movie, Edmund and Danielle McMillen’s marriage is put to the test as Edmund is working on Super Meat Boy. Danielle explained how the two had “to adapt our relationship to go from spending 24/7 together, eating meals together, leaving the house, to not doing that at all” (Indie Game: The Movie, 2012). Edmund even had to “ask her: ‘Are you happy here?’, ‘Is this worth it?’ Because I worry that this is just horribly boring for you. And that this might be something you regret getting into as well.” (Indie Game: The Movie, 2012). Life as an independent game developer will put a strain on relationships all around, even with those that reside in the same household. It’s obvious that indie developers would have to give up on social interactions with friends, but to give up having most interactions with people in the same house is something that most people wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to do this. In another segment of Indie Game: The Movie, Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes are in a Skype call where Refenes essentially falls asleep while discussing plans before heading to bed. Indie developers not only sacrifice social interactions, as well as time to sleep, in order to create a game. Life is made of risks; some we may not know the answer to. Independent Game developers need to be able to “give up something to have something great” (Indie Game: The Movie, 2012). Through the progress of suffering through making the game, there is still more that has to be done after the creation of a game.

After the entire production of the game, indie developers have to learn how to market their product, otherwise they are sure to see failure. Not doing or simply not knowing how to market a game to the public would put everything at risk.

“Besides spending vast amounts of time and energy making the game, that person also has to deal with marketing and selling the game, which is a hard enough thing to do for a team of marketing professionals at a large publisher. Chris Peterson, the founder and sole developer at Beast Games, was getting close to this point before his game… was selected for this year’s PAX 10” (Tanner, 2013).

Peterson had learned the difficult way and almost slipped off the face of the Earth because he didn’t know how to advertise his game. How often would someone take a chance to spend their money on a game that no one has ever heard of or has had no reviews at all? A marketing team or even marketing skills is essential to be able to sell a game to the public; because there is not a market for something that the customer doesn’t know about.. Even worse would be a developer that didn’t realize that an Embargo date had to be set. McMillen was victim to this and realized “Today is Monday. That’s the ‘Embargo’ Date. Do you know what an ‘Embargo’ is? ‘Cause I didn’t. And I got in trouble for not knowing. An Embargo is a set date when the press can review your game” (Indie Game: The Movie, 2012). After panicking for several hours, McMillen was able to let the press review Super Meat Boy. Even after a game has shipped and has become a huge success, the product could still take an extensive toll on the developer’s personal life. Despite working on a game for the past few years, developers are still met with problems after their product has shipped. If developers are able to talk about their product to the press, selling their game will be simple. Despite having a game make over $500 thousand a day, a game is still able to interfere with the developer’s life. Take Flappy Bird for example, Dong Nguyen tweeted out “I can call ’Flappy Bird’ is a success of mine. But it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it” (Vogel, 2014).

Although making a video game sounds enjoyable, it takes a great deal of time and effort. As covered, indie developers have to meet deadlines, create unique content, and make sacrifices in order to have a finished product. What is a finished product actually worth? Bear in mind that although these people develop games and sit at a desk all day staring at a computer screen, they are still people. Seeing how much stress an indie developer doesn’t expect to get is incredible and terrifying all at the same time. Stress can make or break a person, but rarely does it ever make. Wayne Gretzky once said “Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.”


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Compsotion I: A Dive Into Something More Than English

I remember that when I crossed over from California to Arizona, I was in a blistering heat that was almost unbearable. Coming onto the UAT campus, I remember that my father and uncles helped move me in. I didn’t know many people, except for my roommates. It was difficult to adjust to the fact that this was going to be my home for the next few months. Throughout this semester, I was able to learn and grow as a student and as a person.

During this semester, one person who really helped to shape me as a writer and as a person was Kenneth John Ryan. Before actually meeting him in the class, we met through going to our first (and only) meeting for Ultimate Frisbee. Being able to have a friend that’s also going in for the same degree and in several other classes is not only helpful, but it allows a bond to strengthen. I remember only a few weeks ago when we were able to work three straight hours on our obituaries together. All in all, that assignment has to be the highlight of the semester only because the both of us were laughing so hard that we were crying at one point. This relationship, as well as several others that I’ve made during the course of this semester, have made me determined to stay and complete my degree here. Kenny, as well several others in the class, was able to proofread my work. Usually when I’m working on writing assignments, which is most of this class, I tend to write sentences, don’t think about it, and end up writing sentences that had an awkward tint to them. Kenny had always helped on catching those whenever they appeared. A common joke in the class was that I’m going to be or was already a doctor. I’m not going in to become a doctor like my parents wanted me to, and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. 10730825_736944979732548_8498128626763508766_n

Photo Credit to Haley Rodriguez

This semester, I took 6 classes. I didn’t necessarily know what I was getting into, but alas, I’m in week 15 and about to finish all of my classes for the semester. Taking 6 classes sure proved to be difficult; not because they were difficult classes, but because they stretched out my entire day. For example, on Monday, my first class was at 3:30 PM and my last class was at 7:30PM. I just felt like I didn’t have much time to do anything until the very end of the day. This would land me at going to sleep at late hours. “Mornings” were difficult because I ended up getting into a habit of waking up at noon, which affected how I worked and how I wrote. Having class hours like this were difficult to have especially when trying to find and stay with a job. For about a month, I worked at the Rainforest Cafe as a Dishwasher. This was, hands down, the most boring and tedious things that I had ever had to do before. After coming back to the dorms at around 2AM every weekend, I was exhausted and didn’t want to do any homework at all, if I had any. I ended up quitting and it was probably one of the better things that I had done, although then I lacked an income of money.

b0ss pls

As a writer, I feel that I’ve changed in the sense of technical ability. I define my writer’s voice as very wordy, and that hasn’t changed in the slightest. In most of my assignments, I tend to add describing words instead of getting to the point. Using the words “Necessarily, essentially, probably, simply, literally, honestly, and several” are a big part of my writing style and I feel like it’s a bad habit to get into only because having too many words could end me in a bad spot when I have a word limit. After I finish a paper, I have to cut out all of the fluff that I wrote to try and make my work seem pretty. I feel as if my strengths allow me to help the reader visualize and feel what I’m writing and hear my voice instead of having them simply read my work. This is actually the first time that I have ever published a blog. Honestly, it’s interesting because having the off chance of being famous off of having a blog and having people care about what you say is something that’s completely out of my imagination. Through this class, I’ve learned how to stop using “you” or broad words such as “everyone” or “people” in my statements because I had never thought about how wrong I sounded before because it was more of a habit than anything.

cutthefluff2(Pill, 2013)

An assignment that I thought was the most challenging was my “Where I’m From” poem. Following the guideline to writing it wasn’t difficult at all, don’t get me wrong. The difficult part about this task was that right off the bat, this assignment hit home and my personal life. “A long memory forgotten since is one where two people were still in sync, not tolerating.One where a family tree was still one, not two”. This is a quote I took from my “Where I’m From” entry and writing this last line literally had me in tears. I guess that for a few weeks, I was really home sick and it even hurt to talk to some of my family because of how much I had missed home. Most of the time that I was here, I was with my friends, essentially getting lost in the world that was in front of me, and living in the now. Every now and then, I look back at that poem just to remember, ironically, where I’m from. I honestly have never shown this to anyone outside of our class, even my parents and its all because of that one poem. I would get a response saying “No one needs to know about that” or “Why would you post that on the internet?” It’d surely be a negative response, either way. I would also say that this is the assignment that I’m the most proud of because I had never openly written about some of the things that I talked about in this poem, so it was nice to get out and display my history for the world to see.

Through Composition 1, I was able to meet friends and meet an astounding teacher. Although our teacher acts like a teenager at times, I feel that it adds to her personality and helps to liven up the class. I was able to have relationships that I’m sure will last a life time because with the people here, I’m able to connect with them on a level I couldn’t ever with people in my hometown. The places we’ll see and the places we’ll go will never compare to the people that we meet.


Pill, G. (2013, July 22). How to “Cut the Fluff” and Speed Through SC. Retrieved December 16, 2014, from

A Sense of Place

So one night, I’m out with a few friends. We’re playing video games, having fun, and not really caring about anything other than ourselves. . My parents were at their parent’s house and took the dogs. I check my phone for a few texts and bet money on a few of my friends. I take my wallet out to receive my pay. A siren passes through the neighborhood at 2AM. We think nothing of it. It’s just some other person’s  problem that we don’t have to deal with.

Or so we though.

The next morning, my friend is driving me home and throughout the air, there’s a burning sensation. “Holy crap, did one of my neighbor’s houses burn down?” As we drive around the corner, I don’t see a burnt down house, but I do see smoke rising from where my house is. As we move further along the street, I see that my entire house is reduced to ash and rubble Mortified, I call my parents up to tell them. They can’t believe it. Everything I had in that house is gone. The Television, my Xbox, clothes, everything.

If this scenario were true, the only thing that I would miss is the memories that I had of the house. All of my games are gone, my computer is gone and the majority of my clothes, but the one thing all of those have in common is that everyone of those items can and will eventually be replaced. , I would never be able to replace the house because those where the walls I grew up behind and I have such fond memories of that place. I do not agree that our possessions give us a sense of security and stability only for the fact that I have family that is willing to take care of me no matter what the circumstances. I know that if my possessions were to be taken by a fire, I would be sad, but If someone I was very close to was lost in the fire, I would be distraught and unable to function for a few days, maybe weeks on end. I’ve had my dogs for as long as I can remember. Being away from them is hard enough, but losing them would break me. I would rather see to have my dogs die of old age rather than some freak accident that I wasn’t able to control. As long as I have the knowledge that my loved ones are safe, possessions don’t really mean a thing to me. It’s true that having these possessions are a great way to be able to pass the time, going to a friend’s house or dorm and just talking is a great alternative. Although possessions are extremely nice to have, I know that I’ll always have family and that’s what really matters in the end. The convenience of having a piece of technology could and will not ever replace the love and willingness of a family member.

Blog Round-Up~

With the recent uprising of esports, League of Legends has been one of the main flagships to carry it over to the United States. Over in Korea, esports has been acknowledged since 2000 and has only been growing since. Competitive gaming has been a rising sport that is sure to have a bright future.

Reign of Gaming is a site where thousands of League of Legends players go every day for news, information, and new ideas on how the  game has changed. Inside of the site, you’ll find small tabs on the site for news,  tier lists (how certain characters do in competitive play) “red tracker” (Official statements from game employees), blogs that discuss new ideas or express opinions, streams for entertainment purposes, the forums where someone can to discuss with other players, a store, and giveaways.

I use the site to obtain new ideas so that I’m able to spark discussion with my friends or even with others on the forums. Sometimes being able to see the game in a new light brings others together or even pushes people apart. To see that the player base of over, reportedly, 27 million players daily can come together on one site to discuss the new and the old of how an almost 5 year old game is still alive and better than they were before.

Agents of League is similar to Reign of Gaming, but there are a few differences. Agents of League talks more about the competitive scene. In League of Legends, the Championship Series is watched more than football games on television through media like online streams, viewing parties, and some television stations in Korea . All of this goes on in addition to live commentary. For last year’s Season Finale, over 32 MILLION people tuned in to watch as two teams duked it out to become World Champions. The combined prize pool is over 2 Million USD for this year.

Before explaining the actual site, NerfPlz (Nerf Please) is a joke inside of a gaming community. The use of “nerf” means to make something weaker, such as making someone shoot nerf bulelts instead of actual bullets. NerfPlz is a site where players are able to look at in-depth tier lists for competitive play and generally how the game works. Here, players are able to look for new team compositions and see statistics based on information collected through end-game statistics. I use NerfPlz to learn how patches to the game effect characters in-game, letting me have the upper advantage.